ID Recovery

Finding out you are a victim of identity theft is one of the most frightening things you can experience. What can you do? Can you recovery from it?
The answer is YES, uRISQ ID Recovery with our certified Recovery Advocates will contact the three credit bureaus, research the dark web, contact your financial agencies and complete all the necessary forms to recover your identity, on your behalf.


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ID Recovery

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uRISQ ID Recovery

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ID Recovery Advocate

  • FCRA, FACT Act, CITRMS certified
  • Licensed private investigators
  • Single point of contact

Customized Recovery Plan

  • Includes all fraud
  • 3 Major Credit Bureau Reports
  • Research of public records

Limited Power of Attorney

  • Contacting of Creditors
  • Contacting of government agencies
  • Contacting of collection agencies, etc.

ID Care Account

  • Track progress securely 24/7/365
  • Access case documents
  • View credit report, score, and alerts

Credit Monitoring & Alerts

  • Monitoring & alert services
  • Alerts on credit file changes
  • Single point of contact

Credit Report & Score

  • Benchmark Credit Report
  • Benchmark Credit Score
  • Report & score change

Document Replacement

  • Recover your lost or stolen documents
  • Cancellation of lost credit cards
  • Cancellation of lost checks

Credential Vault

  • Access sensitive information easily
  • Secure solution for credentials
  • Accessible 24/7/365

Credit Freeze Assistance

  • Help with freezing credit
  • Help with unfreezing credit
  • Best Practices when to use

Credit Dispute Assistance

  • Dispute incomplete information
  • Licensed private investigators
  • Dispute 3 major credit bureaus

ID Recovery is there for you when you are a victim of identity theft.

Credit monitoring does not recovery your identity.

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frequently asked questions

ID Recovery

  • How do I submit a request for ID Recovery?

    Depending on your provider, use the link they have provided and register on uRISQ. Once registered you will see a link called ID Recovery. Submit a request and a certified recovery agent will contact you.

  • What is the difference between ID Recovery and Credit Monitoring?

    Credit Monitoring is a service that will actively monitor the credit activity at the three credit bureaus. Credit monitoring will helps you be aware of fraudulent credit activity. Credit monitoring guards against identity theft by making you aware of uncharacteristic activity. Although monitoring can help mitigate the impact, if your identity is stolen, you need more. Full ID Recovery is a service that supports the victim of identity theft, when you are feeling the most vulnerable.

    uRISQ ID Recovery provides you with the ability to request recovery assistance and a certified Recovery Advocate will take on all the tasks needed to recovery your identity, on your behalf. Rest assure, our Recovery Advocates will help you every step of the way to your ID recovery.

  • What types of identify theft are covered?

    uRISQ ID Recovery covers all types of ID fraud, including but not limited to medical, financial, criminal, and acts of terrorism.

  • What does a certified Recovery Advocate do?

    A certified recovery advocate is a highly qualified individual with the following credentials: FCRA, FACT Act, CITRMS Certified, and Licensed Private Investigators. They are your single point of contact during the recovery of your identity. They will submit disputes on your behalf; provide criminal investigation assistance and evidence capture; and create a law enforcement grade case file for your recovery.

  • Are all ID Recovery solutions the same?

    No, in today's market there are different "grades" of services. A high quality service will provide a certified advocate and the various features and benefits the uRISQ ID Recovery solution does.

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ID Recovery


Today everyone knows someone who has experienced identity theft or has been themselves a victim.  These trends support that individuals need to be more aware that the risk of identity theft is higher than ever before.  Having an ID Recovery solution at your fingertips, is the peace of mind that you need when you are faced with identity theft.


Identity Recovery is one of the most important features in an Identity Protection Program.  Other features such as, credit monitoring are likely available to you through your bank, your credit card provider, or even from a company that lost your data in a data breach.


Study shows that over 2.5 million Americans are victims of identity theft every year with 1.3 million being children.  These alarming statistics are growing year over year.  Ensure you are ready for when your identity is in jeopardy. uRISQ ID Recovery is your solution to recovering your identity.

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