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Companies invest a lot in privacy and security programs but fall short when they must prove their compliance.
uRISQ is designed to help small to medium-sized businesses reduce their risk and easily document their compliance activities.


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We want to hear from you to make uRISQ the best solution for small to medium-sized businesses. We want to listen to our customers and want to answer your questions. If you have a question and have not found the answer on our site or our Help Center, send us a note using the form below.

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frequently asked questions

Documentation and Logging

  • How much do I need to document?

    uRISQ is designed to send you notifications when it is time to take action. Use uRISQ to manage your program and when there is a need for remediation, add a note showing you are aware and are taking action. Documenting your compliance activities do not have to be overwhelming. uRISQ makes it easier and consolidates your documentation for easy access in the event of an inquiry.

  • What am I documenting?

    You should focus on documenting your actions when you are made aware of remediation needs or when there are annual reviews. Programs are in place to set standards and evolve as the environment and business change. uRISQ helps you show your maturity, and documenting your changes will be your evidence.

  • Who gets the different notifications?

    The global administrator will get all the system emails unless they change their communications settings. In addition, uRISQ supports multiple users (at no additional charge), so if your organization requires additional users, you can create these users and assign them to the necessary modules to receive notifications. This allows these additional users the ability to add to the compliance log as they make changes.

  • Can any of the log entries be deleted?

    No, to ensure the integrity of your logs, we do not allow notes or activities to be deleted.

  • Can I generate a log of all my activities?

    Given that each module is independent, logs are embedded into each module. Some of the modules, such as Threat Scanning, have a log generator that will allow you to export logs for management and proof of compliance.

uRISQ Help Center

Proof of Compliance

Privacy laws are complex and vary by jurisdiction. It makes complying with regulations harder and harder. Most regulations have requirements for a “reasonable” privacy and security program. There are too many to list but trying to keep up with international, federal, and state laws are nearly impossible. uRISQ focuses on best practices and compliance with regulations that affect your business.


“Reasonable” leaves a lot to interpret; uRISQ helps facilitate the development of a privacy and security program. Once developed, it is necessary to maintain and prove you continue doing what your program outlines.


uRISQ helps you respond to remediation and easily document actions.

uRISQ How-to-Videos help you easily setup and use our modules.



uRISQ Registration is simple and can be done in a few clicks.

  • Go to Provider URL
  • Complete Form
  • Accept and Submit


Privacy Assessment

Manage your risk by developing and managing your privacy and security program with editable templates for plans and policies with annual review notifications.

  • Register on uRISQ
  • Take annual assessment
  • Use policy and plan templates
  • Document compliance activities


Threat Scanning

Perform vulnerability scans on your website and firewall. Close the access points nefarious actors are looking for. Set up in less than 1 minute and start locking those virtual doors.

  • Register on uRISQ
  • Enter in website and firewall IP address
  • Wait for scan result email
  • Document compliance activities
  • Registration

  • Privacy Assessment

  • Threat Scanning

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