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Do you know what to do if you have a Data Breach? Most businesses don't.
uRISQ's Data Breach support gives you the peace of mind that a Certified Privacy Expert (CIPP) is at the tip of your fingers.


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uRISQ Data Breach Support

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Breach Support

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Explore the features of Threat Scanning

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Breach Support is one of the most valuable solutions you can have access to.

Don’t be caught without a plan when a data breach occurs.


Threat Scanning

Perform vulnerability scans on your website and firewall. Close the access points nefarious actors are looking for. Set up in less than 1 minute and start locking those virtual doors.

  • Register on uRISQ
  • Enter in website and firewall IP address
  • Wait for scan result email
  • Document compliance activities


Breach Support

uRISQ Breach Support is the foundation of your Incident Response Program. Most businesses do not know what to do if they experience a breach or suspect a breach. uRISQ Breach Support navigates you through analysis, reportability, and reporting guidelines and timeframes.

  • Comply with data privacy reporting regulations
  • Know when to report
  • Report accurately based on regulations
  • Report on time


Policy Center

Manage your risk by developing and managing your privacy and security program with editable templates for plans and policies with annual review notifications.

  • Register on uRISQ
  • Take annual assessment
  • Use policy and plan templates
  • Document compliance activities
  • Threat Scanning

  • Breach Support

  • Policy Center

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frequently asked questions

Breach Support

  • Is breach reporting required?

    Reporting a breach can be a requirement based on the actual breach incident. Regulations vary state to state and country to country, and access to a Certified Privacy Professional is pertinent to ensure accurate reporting.

  • What laws affect me?

    Privacy regulations are created to protect the individual. Therefore a business must abide by all regulations based on their customers' domicile/residence. Often businesses believe that they only have to consider the regulations of the state they are located in. This is why breach reporting can be complex and overwhelming without a Certified Privacy Professional.

  • Do I have to report a breach quickly?

    Timeliness is essential when reporting a breach. If you are unable to report in a timely manner, you can be subject to fines and civil and criminal action, depending on the severity of the breach.

  • What happens if I don't report a breach?

    The reality is that many breaches go unreported by the organization. But that does not mean they are unidentified. The dark web is a vast jungle of data, but ID monitoring solutions are scanning that data on an ongoing basis. It is best practice to be the one controlling the information flow by being transparent.

  • What is a Certified Privacy Professional?

    Our organization has over 12 privacy and security certifications, and our expertise is used to support you as a user of uRISQ. All our privacy professionals have at least one privacy certification issued by the IAPP. All our certifications require ongoing education, and we take pride in our continual review of regulations that will affect reporting requirements.

  • Can I submit a breach support request even if it is not a confirmed breach?

    Absolutely, the first step of our process is to determine if the suspected breach is an actual breach incident.

  • What happens if it is not a reportable breach?

    There are times when a breach is not reportable. Your assigned certified privacy expert will make that determination for you. If your event is not reportable, we will provide you with a report stating the event and why the final determination was not to report. This report serves as your proof of compliance activity.

  • Does Breach Support also help with consumer notification?

    Yes, analysis of the regulations will include the need for consumer notification. The detailed guidelines we provide you will consist of what is required and the best next steps to accomplish consumer notification if required.

  • Is my breach submission confidential?

    Yes, we practice what we preach and ensure 100% confidentiality regarding your breach submission? Not even your reseller will be aware of your inquiry to uRISQ.

uRISQ Help Center

Easy to Use

The last thing you need is another difficult task to accomplish when dealing with a data breach. uRISQ is intended to make it easy for you to reach a Certified Privacy Expert quickly. Log into uRISQ and submit a Breach Request. The submission is reviewed, and a Privacy Expert is assigned.


The piece of mind knowing you have the support you need to report your breach accurately, uRISQ is that solution that will allow you to breathe easier. Your assigned privacy expert will contact you and start analyzing your breach event within 24 hours.

Data Breach Support

Reducing your risk of data breach does not guarantee that you will never experience data loss. Data breaches stem from accidental mishandling of data, misplaced equipment, social engineering, phishing schemes, and much more.


When a breach occurs, you can rest assured that with uRISQ, you have a proven breach incident response solution. Your request will be reviewed and assigned to a certified privacy expert. Our global intake centers operate 24/7 in 4 different countries and are here to support you when you need breach support.

4 Possible Breach Outcomes


There are four possible breach reporting outcomes. Reporting accurately requires understanding all the regulations that affect your breach incident. This task can be overwhelming and costly. uRISQ Breach Support elevates that time and financial burden.


1. Reporting to Authorities Only

2. Reporting to Authorities and Consumer Notification

3. Consumer Notification Only

4. No Reporting Requirement


Our Certified Information Privacy Professionals (CIPP) will provide you with the guidance and detail to help you report your incident accurately.

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