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  • Is uRISQ cyber-insurance?

    No, uRISQ is a tool that helps companies manage their risk of data loss which is a key consideration factor when being considered for coverage. Think of uRISQ like servicing your car. You change the oil, rotate your tires, and service your engine to ensure your car's longevity and continued performance. uRISQ works similarly by helping your business manage your security and privacy programs so you can avoid a tragic data breach.

  • Why do I need uRISQ?

    The legal privacy footprint is growing. There are four states with Privacy Acts in the US, and all 50 states have data privacy requirements. Privacy and Security are not your primary competency, and like other operational functions, you purchase a tool to help you accomplish them efficiently and effectively. uRISQ is that tool for managing your required privacy and security program. With solutions that provide vulnerability scans and a 24/7 incident response solution, uRISQ is the foundation to manage your privacy and security program and, more importantly, your risk of data loss.

  • What privacy regulations affect me?

    Privacy regulations are designed to protect the individual. Therefore as a business, you have to look at who your customers are. Your customers will drive what regulations affect your business. A business in Nevada may have many customers that are residents of California. Therefore, that business must abide by California's Privacy Act (CCPA) and any other state's or country's laws based on where their customers are located.

  • How do I use uRISQ?

    We designed uRISQ to make developing and maintaining your organization's security and privacy program easier. You can go to our Help Center to get videos, how-to's, and more.

  • What is the difference between privacy and security?

    We like to say that security is keeping people out, and privacy is the act of keeping data in. You really cannot have an effective program without both elements. You must have security in place to avoid being an easy target. But with people being the #1 reason why a breach occurs (human error), you must have a privacy program in place, which includes policies and procedures, training, and documentation. The environment is constantly changing, so privacy and security programs must adapt.

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